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Tree trimming is an extremely popular service, and yet, it’s chronically underutilized by landscape professionals and clients alike. Property owners will often forgo any sort of tree trimming service because they don’t believe it’s necessary until the tree is causing a physical obstruction. While it’s important to assess your tree branches for the aforementioned reason, like most tree practices, it’s always best to work from a preventative mentality. Working from a preventative set point is often far less labor-intensive and less expensive to boot. While tree trimming is a seemingly simple practice, if done by an amateur, it can often have long-term consequences. Americans Tree Service has the experience necessary to work on all sorts of different trees regardless of species, age, and other potential factors. 

There are numerous incentives to keeping your trees properly groomed, and they often surpass the very basic beautification reasons. A proper tree trim can promote a lifetime of healthy growth, in addition to stripping your tree of any potential afflicted branches and limbs. While a tree trim is typically more involved and usually more nuanced, we also offer pruning services for those looking to spend a bit less money, or who don’t need a massive overhaul. Pruning is a great alternative for the trees that need a touch-up, rather than complete restoration. Often times, clients will find that consistent pruning can eliminate the need for serious trimming services. Our pruning services are available for almost any species of tree and can be a great way to save time and money in the future. 

When you hire Americans Tree Service for a trimming job, this is what the typical appointment has in store. Although we urge you to remember that no two jobs are the same, and we never want to compromise quality when it comes to our services. We begin by conducting a comprehensive survey of your landscape. We thoroughly assess your trees and note which species they are in order for us to better gauge their level of overall health. From there, we will review the options available, whether you’re interested in going the route of trimming or pruning. We will always provide our expert opinions and recommendations, but we respect our client’s right to choose. We typically prioritize trees that pose the most imminent threat to your yard. Understandably, these threats need to be eliminated first. However, we will ask you about any relevant information you think we should know. We encourage your input during every step of the process. 

No two jobs are the same, and that applies to the machinery that we will use on the job. Typically, we will not need to bring heavy machinery to a simple trim, but in the event that we discover something hazardous, we will always make sure we have access to this machinery regardless of the job. Our main goal is to promote the health of your yard, without undercutting the overall homeostasis. We work with your yard, not against it, to render the best results possible.

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