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Tree removal is a service is that we at Americans Tree Service founded our business on. Many property owners will avoid having their trees removed, usually because they don’t deem it necessary to do so. However, there are many instances where our tree care professionals will recommend doing some preventative removal. Typically, these are cases where the issues aren’t readily apparent to our clientele. That’s why we’re here to offer you our professional opinion, that said, we will never remove a tree without your prior consent, regardless of recommendations.

All living organisms are subject to illness, and trees are naturally no different. Like any living, breathing plant in your backyard, they can fall ill. If left untreated, simple issues can start to spiral into larger, much less maintainable issues. This not only causes more stress on your yard but can turn costly depending on how impacted the tree is. At Americans Tree Service, we want to help you prevent these issues before they become overwhelming. Furthermore, we help educate our clients on what the warning signs look like, therefore, next time they can call us before their trees get out of control. There are circumstances where it’s more advantageous to rehabilitate a tree versus remove it completely. We want you to feel comfortable in all the choices you make regarding your trees, which is why we provide you with all the facts first so that you can make an informed decision every time. The best thing you can do for your landscape’s long-term health is to learn as much about the plant varieties in your lawn. That’s why we hire experienced arborists who can give you this information first hand. 

Tree removal is entirely your preference, and sometimes this means removing trees simply for aesthetics. We have no qualms regarding aesthetically driven removal and are happy to provide this service whether your property is residential or commercial. After all, aesthetic based removals can sometimes reveal a larger problem’s in a tree’s growth patterns. Many yard owners don’t understand the nuance of growth patterns, which will cause trees to be largely neglected over time. A tree with uneven growth can eventually cause greater issues for the other plants in your yard. It’s important to remember that your landscape is its own unique ecosystem, that may very well be impacted by unhealthy trees. The same shade that your trees provide you in the summer months, maybe the cause of irregular growth of other plants in your yard. This is why we like to give all of our client’s full evaluation of their yard so that we can give you informed recommendations. 

Our tree experts are here to help you prevent major damage to your property. Trees can over time alter their course of growth. This can in turn cause trees to interfere with structures such as your house or power lines. We strongly advise that you do not attempt to take care of these issues by yourself, especially when dealing with power lines. This can in turn cause serious damage to you, or the power line itself. For more information regarding tree removal, contact us today.

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