Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump grinding is what happens after the removal of trees on your property. Most trees will require at least some level of stump grinding, in order for them to be removed properly. Many clients don’t initially realize that the removal of a stump is not a part of the overall tree removal process, but rather, it requires its own removal. We often explain this service by giving our clients an overview of how the stump operates. Stumps are heavily embedded into the ground, and as a result, lay down intricate root systems. Therefore, the stump grinding process attacks the removal in a holistically, to ensure that there are no aesthetic or practical remnants left in-tact. 

While visual reasons are typically the most cited for why clients choose to remove stumps, they can turn out to be more than just invasive eyesores. Stumps, depending on where the tree was located, can get in the way of performing yard work and/or laying down new vegetation. Stumps that are left in-tact, also serve as breeding grounds for pests. If left untreated, a small pest problem can grow exponentially. These little pests often pose big-time problems for lawn health and will begin to relocate to other areas of your lawn, if you don’t take care of the problem. It is much easier to eliminate a stump before it gets taken over, rather than in the aftermath. 

Our stump grinding process is designed to thoroughly prevent any issues or further growth from occurring. Regardless of which technique you choose for removal, we guarantee that no remnants, no matter how small or inconsequential are left behind. Typically, the stump grinding process is non-invasive and will not leave any lasting damage to your lawn. However, depending on the course of action we have to take, you may find that your lawn will have to undergo a different healing process. To help eliminate the risk of long-term damage to your lawn, we use state of the art equipment, which allows for an even better, more tightly regulated removal process. Our highly trained specialists are trained in the art of non-disruptive stump extraction and will take on any job regardless of size, severity, and current condition. We’ll happily come in and remove your stumps, even if we didn’t do the tree removal portion of the job. We’re dedicated to giving your lawn the best odds at healthy and complete restoration.

After our assessment, we will recommend two different types of extraction. The most common is stump grinding, which breaks down the stump by grinding it and subsequently embedding it into the soil. This is the least invasive method, that doesn’t require any further digging, but rather, calls for integration into the ground. A complete extraction will completely remove any sort of root system or residual parcels left behind. However, it can be a bit more strenuous on your lawn. This is why we typically recommend the process of grinding the stump down, but we won’t be able to give you our professional opinion, until after our assessment. Regardless of the method we choose, we will recommend a course of action, with your lawn’s health as our top priority.

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