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After a major storm, we often receive a high volume of calls. Us at Americans Tree Service are no stranger to working on storm cleanup, as we often weather several major storms annually in the Rochester area. The aftermath of storms can often leave a lot of trees in compromising positions, with the potential to fall onto the roofs of buildings. A disheveled landscape can at best be unsightly and at worst be dangerous.

Depending on the level of damage, you may be looking at a pretty hefty repair bill. However, we understand that our clients have essentially no control over how their trees will be affected. This is why we have packaged together several services under the umbrella storm damage cleanup package. This helps us keep costs lower for you, especially given the severity of the storm. Our main goal is to get in as quickly as possible and perform a rapid cleanup to neutralize any potential threat. That said, we never want our clients to be concerned about safety. When it comes to storm cleanup, safety is always our number one priority. 

Before calling us, we recommend that you do a quick survey of your property. We do however understand that doing so is not always safe, and if you’re concerned about causing further damage, your safety always comes first. If you see any downed power lines, we ask that you do not touch them under any circumstance. Downed power lines are extremely dangerous, and you never know if they are still electrically active. If you no longer have power in your home, we ask that you contact your provider. 

Because we often get an onslaught of calls post-storm, we do typically try to help those who are most vulnerable first. We do however employ multiple teams, and therefore, at any given time will be able to assist multiple different locations. We work to restore safety quickly to all the properties we service, whether they are commercial or residential. When you call us post-storm, we will typically ask you to assess the urgency of your situation, to help us gauge where to implement you in the rotation. When you call us for storm cleanup, we will typically be able to give you a timeframe for when you can expect us to arrive. We ask that when we do begin storm cleanup on your property, that you remove yourself from the effort. This ensures the safety of both you, and our team, especially if there are trees that may become unstable as we enact our cleanup. However, we of course will ask you to provide us with any relevant information pertinent to the cleanup effort. 

Presently, we are the only company in the Rochester area that provides round the clock post-storm cleanup. To ensure we can get to all of our clients safely and promptly, we have multiple emergency teams working around the clock for the 48 hours that follow a storm. As a result, you can contact us at any time during the day, and we ask you not to hesitate when doing so. When it comes to storm cleanup, you will never regret taking the initiative to make sure your property is safe. We always remind our clients that seemingly innocuous problems can prove catastrophic down the road. We are here to help bring order back to your property post-storm.

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