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Tree Service in Rochester, NY

Americans Tree Service has proudly served the greater Rochester area for over a decade. Over the years, our business has grown but our mission statement remains the same. We are your proven premier tree service, solidifying our reputation in the community by always prioritizing excellence and safety first. If you’re looking for first-class tree service Rochester NY residents agree, we should be your first call. We’re here to help you manage and maintain your landscape. No job is too great or too complex for our expert team of arborists. 

Here on our website, you will find a wealth of information regarding the premium Rochester tree service. When our work can’t speak for itself, our clients are more than happy too. We have received countless positive reviews via some of the most respected internet review sites. Whether the platform is Home Advisor, Yelp, or Google, Americans Tree Service has garnered rave reviews across the board. We built our company on the belief that all clients deserve to be the project leader when it comes to their landscape. That’s why we refer to you and won’t so much as trim a tree branch without your prior knowledge. It’s why our clients respect us, and why they trust us after all these years. We stay industry competitive by constantly assessing our techniques and practices. We use state of the art equipment and technology to maintain your tree’s health. We’re eager to demonstrate why we remain the undisputed Rochester tree service of choice. 

About Americans Tree Service

Americans Tree Service first opened its doors for business in the year of 2008. We began our journey by focusing on bringing customers quality service at a competitive price-point. As our business has grown, we’ve never forgotten the principles that made us so successful, to begin with. Each job is executed with a safety-first mentality, and no job is over until our clients are completely satisfied. Our consistent dedication to quality is one of many reasons we remain the most trusted tree service Rochester NY has to offer. Americans Tree Service is a family establishment, having been under consistent management since its inception. We employ a team of Rochester residents, who all grew up appreciating the natural beauty of our community. As a result, we have consistently pledged to give back to our community. For the past 5 years, we have provided our local parks with a pro bono annual cleanup service. It’s just one way we at Americans Tree Service are working to make our community a better place for generations to come. We remain dedicated to providing residents with a sustainable tree service option, always looking for new ways to minimize our carbon footprint. 

Despite our opportunities for growth and expansion, quality has never wavered. Americans Tree Service began as a simple tree removal company and has since expanded into a comprehensive landscape operation, providing our clients with everything from complete storm cleanup to tree removal Rochester NY locals have consistently depended on. To ensure our company remains competitive despite the expansion, we hire arborists and tree specialists who have at least 3 years of prior experience. Despite this practice, we recognize that growth never stops. That’s why our employees complete annual training seminars as the protocol evolves. Our employees are happy to show any certification upon request, we never put anyone on the job without the proper insurance and licensure guaranteed. No job is too complex for our team of skilled tree experts. This is why we’ve remained our community’s one-stop-shop for all their tree service Rochester NY needs.

Tree Services We Provide

We are proud to announce, that as our company has expanded, so have our available services. As always, we can provide more information for your specific job when you get in contact with us today. We are happy to schedule an appointment or consultation at your earliest convenience. 

Tree Removal: When it comes to basic tree removal Rochester NY clients know they can always call upon us for the first-rate service. Tree removal is a service that is underutilized, as clients will often wait until the tree becomes dangerous before considering removal. We at Americans Tree Service are trained to see the potential warning signs that indicate your trees may be headed for problems. When we come to your property for tree removal, we will do a comprehensive walk-through, to see if we can diagnose any of your trees as potentially hazardous. After all, tree removal isn’t only necessary after major storms or accidents. Tree removal often occurs long before the problem has the opportunity to get worse. That’s what sets our team apart from our competitors, we’re experts at anticipating the problem. Whatever the reason may be, we at Americans Tree Service will carefully remove and successfully dispose of any trees in your yard that is currently causing you grief. 

Picture of our tree climber in a tree trimming a large branch in Rochester, NYTree Trimming: Tree trimming is a simple service that offers complex benefits. If your trees are left unattended, they have the potential to grow in abnormal patterns that are not conducive to overall health. Overgrowth is one of the leading causes of issues in otherwise healthy and prosperous trees. When overgrowth is neglected, it can quickly develop from a small, attainable problem, into a potentially hazardous one. Overgrowth can potentially pave the way for multiple issues ranging from unwanted growth plaguing your neighbor’s property to having an unsightly and unpleasant physical appearance. This can in turn create problems for your tree’s health, both internally and externally. That’s why we work meticulously to give our clients the best tree trimming Rochester NY has to offer. While our competitors may focus on a speedy, and otherwise careless trimming, we do just the opposite. We want to prime your trees for long-term success, not just a quick aesthetic fix. When enacting our services, our clients have found they will spend less money over time having to fix issues from less professional arborists. Tree trimming is an art, and all of our employees have undergone extensive training to understand the patterns that best promote healthy growth. We offer services for the premier tree trimming Rochester NY clients can always rely on for a quality-first approach. 

Stump Grinding (and removing): It often takes our clients by surprise that tree removal doesn’t necessarily extend to the stump. This is because the stump is usually far more difficult to remove than the tree itself. While most trees can be removed rather quickly, the issue of the stump requires different techniques. Following tree removal, you will likely be looking at removing stumps. Of course, you can always choose to keep your stump in-tact, as in many cases they aren’t actually hazardous. However, in most circumstances, our clients will elect to have them removed as they can be massive eyesores. Depending on location, they can also serve as potential roadblocks for simple activities like mowing your lawn. Rather than have to constantly work around a stump, or be concerned with its unruly appearance, we’ll remove it in a safe and effective way. There are two major methods typically implemented when it comes to stump removal. The first of which mainly consists of grinding the stump and any residue into the ground. This is typically easier and less intrusive than the other method, which consists of removing the trunk and any leftover debris completely out of the ground. Most of our clients prefer the former, as it is less disruptive to their overall lawn. However, regardless of which method we choose, our expert will always outline what we believe the best course of action entails. 

Picture of a damaged car from tree damage due to a storm in Rochester, NYStorm Damage Cleanup: Rochester residents are no stranger to a good storm, and these massive storms can occur during any time of the year. Anyone who has lived through a major storm can attest to the catastrophic conditions that occur in the path of destruction. Following a storm, you may find that your yard has suffered major damage. This is when trees are at their most susceptible to cause issues. The last thing you want following a storm is any potential damage to ransack your home. After all, one of the greatest concerns for property owners is fallen trees potentially causing severe damage to their homes. Our rapid storm damage cleanup is available to you round the clock following a major storm. We will come to your property, whether it is residential or commercial, and clean up your space to ensure all threats are effectively dismantled.

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Other Tree Services in Rochester

Over the years our company has successfully expanded to make room for all kinds of helpful services. We can assist you with the following

Land Cleaning

Lot Clearing

Brush Removal

Wood Chipping

Tree Fertilization

Tree Planting

We work with our clients to map out their goals and are happy to provide you with service regardless of whether it’s mainly aesthetic driven, or necessary to improve the overall health of your yard. We do the job right the first time, or your money back guaranteed. 

Our services range from preventive to restorative, and we can happily service any property of any size. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for service at your residential or commercial property, we can offer just about any service at any location. Whether you’re looking for complete tree removal Rochester NY residents have trusted for years, or a basic annual clean up, we’re here to help. 

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